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About us

Owner & Chef Jeannette Nevilles has spent 10 years creating her unique line of homemade sandwiches.

Until now, Twin Cities residents had to travel states away to find anything close to her exciting, new menu.

It began with a giant tenderloin.

Jeannette has grabbed on to her dream - of creating and selling the traditional Midwestern Pork Tenderloin and other specialty sandwiches not already found in Minnesota eateries.  Her trademark sandwiches have uniquely seasoned meats and condiments with a Midwest flare.

​We knew it was a hit.

When family, friends and neighbors keep coming back to taste the incredible cooking from Jeannette's kitchen... she knew she was on to something BIG!  


Gramsky's entire menu was created out of Jeannette's love for homemade, country-style cooking, and it's absolutely delicious.  From her signature Pork Tenderloin Sandwich, to the Shredded Basil-Chicken Croissant, and Italian Grinder Hoagie -- Jeannette continues to please customers all around Minnesota and beyond, as she strives to serve some of the best food in the Twin Cities.  

In a word.

The name Gramsky's... Comes from a combination of names in the Nevilles family.  First of all, Jeannette is known as 'Gram' by her grandchildren.  Then the other letters, 's-k-y' were thought to be added at the end to honor the names of her daughter and grand kids (who love her sandwiches and cooking).  Thus the Gramsky's brand was born!

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